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We Are The Beauties

March 1, 2011

Some of my online friends have been encouraging mature women for years to use the word ‘Crone’ as a way to identify oneself as an aging woman of honor and wisdom.  I respect their efforts, really I do.

It’s their way of addressing the ideas behind #3 of  The Art of Aging Creed, I will challenge the stuck way our culture looks at getting older.”

But ‘Crone’ grates on my ear like metal bristles on whiteboard, like a crow cackling on my shoulder.

I don’t want to be a Crone, or a Boomer or whatever else marketing niche-namers invent. So I made something up.

‘The Beauties’ grew from grassroots thoughts and words of the women gathering at ‘The Art of Aging’ Facebook Page, the ideas behind Feed the Beauty™and the simple truth that sings along inside everybody’s soul:

'Beauty is an inside job' by Sophie Lumen

“These women are inspiring and informing my creativity; they are full of hope, spunk and positive energy. And if some of them don’t feel that way so much, they are open to change and support. I’ve come to think of them as ‘The Beauties’.”

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That was written in June 2010.  Since then,The Beauties have progressively defined themselves. When I asked them to share the happy aspects of being a Beautie in January 2011, here’s what they wrote :

“I am proud to be a member of  ‘The Beauties’, we are a strong force to be reckoned with and a great example for future ‘Beauties’. Strong, loving, creative, wise, and full of life experience, we are all women of distinguishing qualties.” Joclyn Cavendish

“Happy aspects of being a Beautie are…learning to love yourself from the inside out….loving your mind, and your soul and your body: having freedom to pick and choose what you want to do: accepting yourself as you are and ridding yourself of negative people and ideas that would take away the self-esteem you have finally allowed yourself to have; and finding fellowship with like-minded Beauties.” Susan Moore Lain

“I LOVE being a Beautie! Being a Beautie is not always something visual, although it can be. It is more than that though. It is a deep understanding of one’s self and knowing that you are a wonderful, kind, intelligent, giving human being and truly the sum total of all of your experiences, both good and bad. It’s a journey and the longer we are here, the more beautiful we become! I am a Beautie and I thank all of my fellow Beauties for reminding me of that every day!” Maureen Ardron

“I never thought of myself as a ‘beauty’ … until now. Being accepted, being appreciated, being loved unconditionally, sight unseen, is what being a Beautie is all about. I treasure that … and I am happy I am a Beautie.” Gena Doremus Halpin

Thank you to these wise women and Beauties everywhere who are at the heart of a vitally needed shift in the way we approach the challenges of aging.

We light up the way for each other as we take on this journey together.

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